MacRO Gaming Ragnarok Online
Official Release: February 3 2019 THE MOST BALANCED 255/120 HIGH-RATE SERVER in terms of Items ,Skills & Classes(2nd Transcendent).
-Pre-Renewal -Classic rAthena -DDOS Protected -Gepard Shield 3.0 -LONG TERM SERVER (1 Year VPS)
-Base & Job Level: 255/100 -2-2 Transcended Class -Frost Server -PK/WOE/SEMI-HUNT SERVER -NO OA COSTUME -Max Stats: 255 -Max Aspd: 196 -Balanced Skills,ITEMS & Job Classes -Modified Equips and Cards -Basic Card Drop Rate: 50% -MVP Card Drop Rate: 30% -Rare MVP Card Drop Rate: 1%:

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